Listening: An important factor in web design

BLOG POST Listening- An important factor in web design web I had an unusual call last week from a potential client. She was totally flustered as she had been looking for an estimate for several months for a project.  The problem she was running into was that everyone was trying to oversell her and upsell on their services. But, no one was LISTENING to her.

So before even hearing what she wanted to do, they were spouting how they’ll help her with SEO and how they’ll help her with XY & Z and why they’re the best in the world, Blah, blah, blah.

The problem:

They just wouldn’t listen. She wanted to get this site built with the features she wanted and then she would talk about next steps and ongoing support.

Now don’t get me wrong, when I build a site for someone I am considering SEO along the way. That is a must to succeed in doing well with your website search engine rankings.  But first you need to actually get the requirements to build the site. To do this you have to listen, not talk, just listen!

Unfortunately in 2022, listening is not a skill that many companies seem to have.  They are about telling you what they do and why they’re the best.  But in a service company, you need to hear what the potential client is trying to achieve. You can’t jump the gun until you actually know what the goals are for the client.


“Most of the successful people I’ve known are the ones who do more listening than talking.”
― Bernard M. Baruch


Our Approach

For me, my approach is quite simple. I have always been a fan of the Bernard Baruch quote above.  Before I do anything, I listen to what the person in front of me is trying to get done. Once I know that I can formulate a plan to build the website and also come up with a hosting and maintenance plan that will be able to fulfill all of my clients needs and wishes.  The result is that the client not only has a website that they like and which works for them, they also end up with a support plan that they can afford and which allows them to get done everything they need in order for their business to succeed on the web. After over two decades in business, we know what works and what doesn’t.

In closing:

Listen, no company is right for every single client. But if you listen to what your potential client is trying to achieve, then you two can understand and sometimes figure out that this is (or isn’t) a project that will work for you or for the client. I would rather tell someone that I am not right for a specific project rather than just take it on and earn a few extra dollars. In the long run that person will be happier with you and who knows, it might lead to a new project down the road or even a referral from someone that you can help.

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