Social Media Management

“To ignore social media would be like early man ignoring fire.” ~Barry Roos

One of the hardest thing for a company to decide on is its social media strategy. Should we be on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest? The answer is not the same for every business. RooSites will help you sort out the social media scene.

Once a company decides on which social media outlets to build a presence, the question is then, how do you find the time? That is where a relationship with RooSites pays dividends. Clients use our management plans to have us post to their social media accounts. For some, that is every day, for others a few times a week or just a few times per month.  We will help you to write posts and tweets which will position you as a subject matter expert. By creating social media content that is less sales-centric and offers your followers something that benefits them will drive traffic to your website. Our clients typically see 20% of their traffic comes from social media.


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