When your website looks like 1995 in 2020July 6th, 2020

Blog Post: When your website looks like 1995 in 2020 web

In this blog post we examine a website looking at Design, Content & Security. We were shocked at how outdated the site is, as they have thousands of members.





Robert Frost & The Webmaster (Updated)June 17th, 2020

Blog Post Robert Frost & The Webmaster

This blog discusses the similarities between my favorite poem and role as a Webmaster. With Covid-19, I updated the post as our role has become increasingly important to our clients in need of support.





Five Things­ That Will Never Change For Small Business WebsitesJune 8th, 2020

BLOG POST Five Things That Will Never Change Forever For Small Business Websites

In our last post we wrote about the five things that have changed forever due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This week we are going to focus on five things that will never change no matter the situation, no matter the crisis.





Five Things That Will Change Forever For Small Business WebsitesMay 25th, 2020

BLOG POST Five Things That Will Change Forever For Small Business Websites

After the pandemic, a lot of things will go back to normal for small businesses. But, some things will remain changed forever. Here are five things that I think will change permanently for small business websites around the globe.





Clear Messaging Vital During The Covid-19 PandemicApril 7th, 2020

Image for BLOG POST Blog Post- Clear Messaging Vital During The Covid-19 Pandemic

During a time of a crisis like the Coronavirus, messaging becomes so important. You want your customers/clients to have important information. They need to know if you are open as well as how you are operating as that has changed for most businesses. To do so, you have to have clear messaging and call to actions.





10 Tips for Working From Home (Updated)March 14th, 2020

10 tips for working from home

As a web developer who works from home most of the time, people often ask me for tips and advice on how to be successful. While it isn’t for everyone, for those of us who know how to make it work, our lives are markedly better then when we had to commute to an office. (This post has been updated due to the Coronavirus)





Small Business Lessons Learned From AdversityMarch 6th, 2020

BLOG POST: Blog Post- Small Business Lessons Learned From Adversity 900

In a small business setting, things do not always come up roses. You have to deal with adversity, and how you deal with negative experiences is very important. This blog shows you how we handled 5 such situations.





Elbow Grease Needed for SEOJanuary 24th, 2020

BLOG Post : Elbow Grease Needed for SEO

Often times clients come to me and one of the first things they ask me about is search engine optimization (SEO). There is a common misconception, that you can make a few easy tweaks and all of a sudden you’re number one in Google for any keyphrase. If only it were that easy…





Old Content – Do Not DeleteDecember 11th, 2019

Building a brand new website is great and something we do every day for clients, but beware of getting rid of all your old content as it will have an adverse effect on your search engine rankings.





The Importance Of LikabilityOctober 30th, 2019

BLOG Post Likability from RooSites, America's Best Small Business Web Design & Management Firm

Likability is an extremely tough thing to measure. There isn’t a calculation for likability taught in school and you certainly won’t find it in an advanced calculus book. But likability is so very important for the success of your website as well as your social media profiles