What Makes A Website Successful?January 23rd, 2022

BLOG POST What Makes A Website Successful web

For different types of websites, there are different measures of what makes a website successful. In this post, we explore different types of sites and what makes them successful.





Searching for a Blog Topic? Let it come to youDecember 5th, 2021

Searching for a Blog Topic? Let it come to you

I (like you) struggle to come up with topics to blog about sometimes.  I have been doing this a long time, and occasionally it seems like I’ve covered every topic there is when it comes to small business web design, development and management.





Beware SEO SpammersOctober 28th, 2021


If you have a website, you are receiving what I call SEO Spam each and every day.  They promise free audit reports and tell you they can make you number one for any and all keywords under the sun.





Lessons learned from a poorly run golf courseSeptember 12th, 2021

BLOG POST Lessons learned from a poorly run golf course web

I bet you’re wondering why I would write about lessons learned from a golf course?  Many things remind of my business which is helping small businesses succeed via the web.  I had an experience this morning at a golf course which got me thinking, and I came up with four lessons I learned from a bad experience.





Be the best, do what you do bestAugust 24th, 2021

BLOG POST Be the best, do what you do best WEB

This blog post advises doing what YOU and your company do best & leaving the web design, development & management to the professionals.





The End Of A Business Relationship Can Be As Important As The BeginningAugust 5th, 2021

BLOG POST The End Of A Business Relationship Can Be As Important As The Beginning

At the start of a relationship, you are trying to get to know the company you are doing business with and at the same time proving your worth. This of course is a very important time in a business relationship as it lays the groundwork and expectations going forward. However, I will tell you that the end of a business relationship can be just as important.





Sometimes it is better NOT to build a new websiteJuly 24th, 2021

Blog Post-Sometimes it is better NOT to build a new website web

I recently had an interaction with a client about possibly building a new website. Their site was several years old, and they were thinking maybe it's time for something new.  While I would profit from this new site, I told them no, let’s leave the old site up and running for a while longer.





SEO: Think Quality, Not RankingsJuly 12th, 2021

Blog Post-SEO- Think Quality Not Rankings web

People often ask me how to improve their SEO (Search Engine Optimization). They are bombarded with phony SEO spam emails and calls from companies promising to make them number one, although these companies don’t even know what the company wants to be ranked for in the first place!





Going The Extra Mile For Your ClientsJune 1st, 2021

Blog Post-Going The Extra Mile For Your Clients web

Sometimes, going the extra mile doesn’t help your business financially, but it does have positive long-term benefits on your business and your bottom line.





The KISS Principal 2021March 18th, 2021

Blog Post: The KISS Principal 2021 Web

The KISS Principal (keep it simple stupid) is a principal which relates to simplifying systems. We are applying it to websites and discussing the 5 Things which need to be a priority for every website built in 2021 & beyond.