Beware of Facebook Games

People love Facebook games. Personally I don’t get it and tire easily of them.   But of course, everyone has likes and dislikes.

But there is a downside.

The notifications that appear on the right side of your screen can really hurt you.  Take for example, the case of your friend who always tells you they are swamped at work.  But whenever you are on facebook you notice they are playing a game.


Now, what if one of their clients (or boss) noticed this in the middle of a work day? Worse, imagine this person was behind with a deliverable?  I don’t know about you, but this would give me a pretty low impression of the person.  The problem is that people’s personal and professional lives become intertwined in social media.  If a client friends you, you aren’t going to reject them.  So be aware.  Its one thing for clients to see you listen to Captain and Tennille music on Spotify during the day, it is another to broadcast to the world you are fooling around rather than working.