Website Launch Announcement: The Boston Shipping Association (BSA)

Website Launch Announcement: The Boston Shipping Association (BSA) RooSites is happy to announce the launch of a new website for The Boston Shipping Association (BSA).

The Boston Shipping Association, Inc (BSA) is a trade association representing steamship owners, agents, stevedores, terminal operators, and service organizations and is committed on their behalf to working with the waterfront labor they employ and industry stakeholders to ensure stability for workers and economic prosperity for the Port of Boston, Massachusetts, and the New England region.

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New Client Welcome: Carolina Textile Care, LLC

Welcome to Carolina Textile Care, LLC  of Early Branch, South Carolina. The company offers Premium Hospitality Linen Service.

Their mission is to enhance the ability of hotels & resorts to provide guests with clean, comfortable, high quality linens on a timely, transparent basis with unparalleled integrity and customer service.

We will be assisting Carolina textile care with hosting and maintenance of their website as well as making several improvements.

Thank You and Welcome!!