Beware SEO SpammersOctober 28th, 2021

BLOG POST Beware SEO Spam WEBIf you have a website, you are receiving what I call SEO Spam each and every day.  They promise free audit reports and tell you they can make you number one for any and all keywords under the sun.

Fact: they cannot

First off, they never even ask you what you want to be found for, just a blanket promise that they can make you number one. OK, what if I want to be found for Apple computers? See how ridiculous their promises are?

The sheer volume of these emails has gotten out of hand. While I am sure that there are some legitimate companies out there, they wouldn’t resort to sending spam.

Here is one day, over a 10-minute period, 7 SEO Spam Emails!

So what should you do?

When you respond to spammers, your email address is flagged as live.  Spammers have no shame, they sell these list to others.  So I never respond. Even their unsubscribe links are fake and used to determine what email addresses are live. The best thing you can do is mark them spam and delete. If you are receiving multiple emails with the same language, set up rules to discard their garbage.

So, what separates RooSites from the SEO spammers?

Simple, search engine optimization (SEO) is included with all our service plans. BUT, we never make false promises. And we NEVER send spam or unwanted emails of any kind. We will work with our clients to devise a plan to improve their search engine rankings. Depending on what they want to be found for, many times we do reach that vaunted number one spot in Google.  This, of course, is dependent on what they want to be found for. In my joke above, obviously I won’t get somebody to be number one for Apple computers. But I might be able to get them a number for something reasonable. What we can promise is that if they follow the plan we set up for them, they will improve.  Improving your search rankings is work, and if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, you can improve.

If it was as easy as the SEO spammers say, then ask yourself: Why aren’t they number one for SEO? If you check out most of the companies that are sending you Spam, they aren’t even on the first page for SEO or Search Engine Optimization! In fact, most aren’t in the top hundred listings!

Will this get better in the future?

I doubt it, although Spam detection has gotten much better we still find our inboxes and spam filters full of garbage each and every day.  Some email providers are much better than others, which is why I always recommend a third-party email service rather than hosting your own website email on your server.

If you like Microsoft Products then go with Office 365
If you prefer Google products and Gmail, then G-Suite is the way to go.

Bottom line:

You have to always be on guard against spammers and scammers. Always assume any email coming in or pop-ups are from malicious sources looking to hack and or install Trojan processes on your computer.   But as I said, in terms of the SEO Spam,  mark as spam, delete and set up rules.

Proof is in the SEO puddingNovember 17th, 2014

PROOF-SEOThe proof is in the pudding. Great expression. BUT What does this has to do with search engine optimization?

Well, The one good thing about search engine optimization is you really can’t BS. Now I have 1 million search engine optimization firms call me every week, (maybe a slight overstatement) promising to make me number one. The problem? They don’t even know what I do for a living when they call! The reason I say you can’t BS is that those firms typically are NOT in the top hundred for the search phrase “search engine optimization”. If it was so easy, don’t you think they would be number one?

My take on the whole industry is that it’s really a bullshit industry that sprung up with the advent of Google. When someone calls you up and promises to make you number one: hang up the phone. Do it quickly. Do not waste your time. No one can make that promise. (well, they can make that promise but they cannot fulfill it)

When I work on search engine optimization, I do it with a common sense approach. I don’t try and trick the algorithm, no on can. I work within Google’s guidelines. Quality content wins. Consistent solid content achieves desired results. Most people are lazy. If you can commit to a schedule of posting good content on a regular basis, you will improve in search results. Think about it like this. If you add one post a week, at the end of the year you posted over 52 new links within Google’s index. If during that same timeframe, your competition hasn’t added anything to their website. Shouldn’t you improve? Of course you should!

I recently had a chance to prove this to myself. A client (one of my most favorite) emailed me that they had noticed a drop in performance for organic search. We had been following a blueprint I laid out adding a lot of great content. So I was startled when I read the email. A little background: She had recently been working with a so-called SEO expert who fed her this nonsense about her rankings dropping.

I did a bunch of tests and found that not only had her company not dropped, but actually improved considerably! As I said the proof is in the pudding! I sent her the search results and she was thrilled. I made no promises other than we will improve if they follow my roadmap. She was number 1 for over 20 phrases! I was vindicated, and as usual the SO expert was proven wrong!

The pudding tastes excellent by the way.