Beware SEO SpammersOctober 28th, 2021

BLOG POST Beware SEO Spam WEBIf you have a website, you are receiving what I call SEO Spam each and every day.  They promise free audit reports and tell you they can make you number one for any and all keywords under the sun.

Fact: they cannot

First off, they never even ask you what you want to be found for, just a blanket promise that they can make you number one. OK, what if I want to be found for Apple computers? See how ridiculous their promises are?

The sheer volume of these emails has gotten out of hand. While I am sure that there are some legitimate companies out there, they wouldn’t resort to sending spam.

Here is one day, over a 10-minute period, 7 SEO Spam Emails!

So what should you do?

When you respond to spammers, your email address is flagged as live.  Spammers have no shame, they sell these list to others.  So I never respond. Even their unsubscribe links are fake and used to determine what email addresses are live. The best thing you can do is mark them spam and delete. If you are receiving multiple emails with the same language, set up rules to discard their garbage.

So, what separates RooSites from the SEO spammers?

Simple, search engine optimization (SEO) is included with all our service plans. BUT, we never make false promises. And we NEVER send spam or unwanted emails of any kind. We will work with our clients to devise a plan to improve their search engine rankings. Depending on what they want to be found for, many times we do reach that vaunted number one spot in Google.  This, of course, is dependent on what they want to be found for. In my joke above, obviously I won’t get somebody to be number one for Apple computers. But I might be able to get them a number for something reasonable. What we can promise is that if they follow the plan we set up for them, they will improve.  Improving your search rankings is work, and if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, you can improve.

If it was as easy as the SEO spammers say, then ask yourself: Why aren’t they number one for SEO? If you check out most of the companies that are sending you Spam, they aren’t even on the first page for SEO or Search Engine Optimization! In fact, most aren’t in the top hundred listings!

Will this get better in the future?

I doubt it, although Spam detection has gotten much better we still find our inboxes and spam filters full of garbage each and every day.  Some email providers are much better than others, which is why I always recommend a third-party email service rather than hosting your own website email on your server.

If you like Microsoft Products then go with Office 365
If you prefer Google products and Gmail, then G-Suite is the way to go.

Bottom line:

You have to always be on guard against spammers and scammers. Always assume any email coming in or pop-ups are from malicious sources looking to hack and or install Trojan processes on your computer.   But as I said, in terms of the SEO Spam,  mark as spam, delete and set up rules.

SEO: Think Quality, Not RankingsJuly 12th, 2021

Blog Post-SEO- Think Quality Not Rankings web

People often ask me how to improve their SEO (Search Engine Optimization). They are bombarded with phony SEO spam emails and calls from companies promising to make them number one, although these companies don’t even know what the company wants to be ranked for in the first place!

My answer is typically the same: Put quality, relevant content out there as often as you can. Search engines are looking for the best answers to people’s search queries.  So it is only logical that you should put time and effort into good, relevant content.

Does it happen overnight?

Absolutely not. SEO takes time and a lot of elbow grease.  Using a good content management system like WordPress is certainly helpful, and I find that my content is indexed faster. But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and search engine rankings aren’t going to get where you need them to be in an instant.

What is “quality content”?

This varies from site to site. The question I always ask myself is: Will somebody that comes to my website be interested in the words I write?  Is it relevant to my audience?  Think of it like this, say your website is about cars.  A relevant article might be about fixing cars or selling cars or perhaps a review of a new model. Of course, this depends on what your involvement is with the topic.
Learn More About Quality Content, SEO & Google Friendly Websites »

How Often Should I Post

Now this is a tough one.  I think that you should post as often as possible, provided you have good material. Now it is tougher than you think, while you’re going about your daily business a lot of people just don’t have the time to be posting frequently.  If you can post once a week that’s great, but if not try for a minimum of once a month. Of course if you are a larger company and have people on staff with the specific duty of content development, then of course you should increase the amount of posts.  Look at it this way, if you are a manufacturer of widgets and every week you post articles about widgets. At the end of the year you have added over 100+ links into Google’s index including posts, categories and tags.  Your competitor, we will call him Joe’s Widgets, hasn’t posted in a couple of years and has only eight pages of content within the index. I ask you this, who should do better in searches?  Duh, right?  Although it seems like common sense, people are always trying to take shortcuts, and it just will not work.

But are there ways to improve your SEO within your articles?

Yes, most definitely there are techniques which make your posts more search engine friendly. If you are using WordPress, I recommend using a good SEO plug-in. Most will give you help with the post and will help you improve.  You will always want to be careful, not to be keyword stuffing as that is a good way to hurt your site’s rankings.  That is where a good plug-in can assist. It will tell you when you’ve used your desired key phrase too often and will be considered keyword stuffing. It will also tell you other things that search engines are looking for, such as inbound and outbound links, headings and other items.

Bottom Line

If you put out the best content you can, your search engine rankings WILL improve. If you just try to beat the search engines with tricks and Black Hat SEO, you will not go anywhere, and eventually your site will probably be kicked out of the Index or have your site be severely penalized. Also, consider this: if someone comes to your website because of your SEO work and the content is lousy, you may have gotten them there, but they’re not sticking around, and they’re certainly not going to give you business.  However, if they like what you’ve written and find it relevant, your chances to secure them as a customer/client are much improved. And isn’t that the goal of search engine optimization? You want to get them to your site, of course, but posts written solely to improve rankings are never a good idea as they are typically unreadable.

If you need help with your SEO, please feel free to contact us.