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In this day and age, we tend to get involved with lots of different things. For instance, to manage a website these days, you need to be part web designer, part web developer, part SEO specialist, part social media specialist, part email marketing specialist, advertising specialist, marketing specialist, etc, etc. If you are a small business trying to take care of all these tasks, you probably aren’t doing what you do best, taking care of what differentiates you from your competition. This is a fatal flaw, which is part the fault of these do it yourself websites, promising and rarely delivering results. While it sounds like a good, inexpensive solution, the web is far too complex to throw up a quickie website against the wall and think you will find a pot of gold. Ok, not the best mixed metaphor, but you get the point. As we all have been taught or learned the hard way, quick and cheap rarely ends up profitable.

Find Your Niche

So what I advise to people today seeking my guidance is to find your niche, and be the best in the world at that. For me, that is website maintenance. We are the best in the world at website maintenance. We turn around most support requests the very same day. People are amazed at our turnaround time. So all these things I mentioned, they are all part of my daily life, in my role as a webmaster. Now while it’s true, I do wear many different hats, what has gotten me this far is being the very best at one particular aspect, and that is website maintenance. I offer my clients a one-stop for all their needs, so they don’t need to hire different agencies for design, development, marketing, advertising, SEO, Social Media, etc. They just hire us.

Tailor Made, Not Cookie Cutter

One mistake companies make is they end up becoming a carbon copy of all their competitors, just cookie-cutter offerings. This is an error, and you should try and be unique and offer something which makes you distinctive in the marketplace. As an example, we at RooSites tailor our support plans for our clients based on needs. Whereas larger companies may need unlimited support, a small non-profit may only need a couple of hours. We will design a plan to achieve all your web & social media goals. Once size fits all may work with a certain article of clothing, but so much for web maintenance.

Bottom Line

You have gotten where you are by doing what you do best. You have hired the best people around you, lawyers, accountants and vendors. So when it comes to designing, developing and managing your website, do the same. Hire the best. In the long run you will be happy you did. (And save oodles of headaches).  Contact us if you have any questions.





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