Third-party email a must in 2017April 15th, 2017

I am recommending to all my website management clients that they are utilizing a third party for their email. We used to manage most of our clients email on our server and this worked well for the last couple of decades. However, due to the increase in worldwide hack attempts, we believe it is prudent for our clients to move to a third-party email.

Let me explain

If your email it Is hosted on the same server as your website, and it goes down, your email goes down with it more often than not. Now many times these attacks just use up your server’s memory leaving your server unresponsive and timing out. Most of the times the server can be rebooted and we can research how why this happened and block the offenders. Many times it is a malicious act, DDOS type of attack. But, sometimes processes running concurrently from different accounts cause these outages. So the server runs out of memory and it becomes unresponsive. Down goes your email.

By separating your website hosting and email functions, when one goes down the other is not affected. So in essence your email will almost always be up even if we have to reboot our server, or if there is an attack of some kind. As we have seen in recent months these attacks are more frequent. Recently Amazon’s hosting platform AWS was down for over four hours taking down some of the more well-known sites in the world, Such as Netflix, Instagram and 180,000 other accounts. We are not unaffected by these type of the attacks and they happen all the time. So by separating your email function, you will not see this downtime very often. More and more we are forced to reboot the servers. This will insure your email doesn’t go down even if servers have a brief outage. For businesses that depend on their email, it can’t go down even for a few minutes.

What kind of options are out there for third-party email?

  • For those of you who like Microsoft products, i.e. Outlook, then you can look into Office 365 .
  • For those of you more partial to Gmail, you can use Gmail Apps for you and your employees.

For more options, even free providers; contact us and we can help you find what you need.

In Closing

The choice is yours as to what type of email provider you would like. But, we implore you to make sure you are using a third party option. You will be glad you did.