Sweat Equity a MustFebruary 18th, 2014

hard-work-aheadI remember an old expression “everyone wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die”.  Now of course this is true if not a bit harsh. But, you are asking yourself what does this possibly have to do it my website?

Clients come to me to improve their search engine optimization, as well as their presence on social media. I of course am happy to help, that is my business after all 🙂

I always tell them I can help, but I can’t do it alone. You are the subject matter expert in your given field. I may be a thought leader in my field, but all that allows me to do is help YOU. You, the client have to put in some sweat equity if you want to be successful. I can provide you the mechanisms to improve your sites visibility with search engines and social media. I have done this for myself, I’ve done this for clients, but still there are many clients out there that want everything, just not willing to put in the time.

Now what does this mean? Well for instance social media. I can help you gain followers visibility, etc. But to do so we have to be active. To be successful in social media, you actually do have to be social.  I know that sounds like common sense but you’d be surprised how many people want to do well with social media but don’t actually like being social. Work is not all about doing what we like to do, that is why they call it work.

At RooSites we often start by having people set up a schedule for work they’re going to do both with their website, and for social media. We have even started a beta test of sending reminders to people each week, to write a blog or an article for their websites. This way they can improve their search engine visibility, and do it the right way, through old-fashioned hard work and quality content. Google loves quality content. And you know what? They should. After all, that is what people are searching for, right? No ones sets out looking for the most optimized website. No, they want the best result set for the what they are querying the search engine for in the first place. So put in the hard work, the sweat equity will pay off.

But, if you aren’t willing to put in the time to improve your site or social media, do yourself a favor, delete your social media pages. Then put a note on your stale website: “We really don’t care about our site, hope you will do business with us anyway.” Hey at least you will get points for honesty.


What tax time can teach us about websites & social mediaFebruary 27th, 2013

There are painful things in life which we put off until we absolutely have to get them done. For me one task I put off until the last minute is gathering information for the tax time. Although I personally like my accountant and enjoy seeing her, it is the process of going through my expenses, income, receipts, etc that I find boring and painful.  But, as I know the 2 things you can’t avoid are death & taxes, I deal with my procrastination head on.   I make an appointment with my accountant which gives me a hard date by which I need to gather my information. As April 15th is a hard date, I can’t push my meeting with my accountant and try to get in to see her by February the latest.

So what the hell does this have to do with websites and social media you ask?

Good question.

For me the answer to my procrastination is simple, I make an appointment that I can’t get out of.  The result is that I get accomplished what I need to. So, my advice for you is to schedule time to work on your website and social media properties. If your goal is to blog once a week, set up a recurring meeting to get this done. Treat it like a meeting though, don’t schedule anything else in that time period. The same goes for social media. Set aside time to work on your social media posts.  You will get into a groove and the winner will be you and your company. Although some people find working on their websites, tedious (wait, I do this for a living, thank you!) it is necessary to keep your content up to date to succeed. As you have heard me preach, in this business, stale=fail.

Here is a schedule I recommend for clients:

  1. Blogs – Once a week is great, more is better, 2 a month is a good bare minimum.
  2. Social Media – Set up a review every 60 days and plan a schedule for posting. For some companies a daily post is great, others a few times a week, and some once a week is enough. In your review, review your strategy and what works for your business.
  3. Website – Do a thorough review each quarter.  You should be looking at your website every day, and make changes and additions as necessary, but do a thorough review and planning session each quarter.

Remember you aren’t alone in this. Hopefully you have a good web management company to help you, so you can just send them your content and social media updates that they can implement for you. If not, contact us, we are glad to help you.