Social Media Tip: Write things downJanuary 10th, 2014

We all struggle with what to post on our various social media pages right? Whether you bulk schedule your posts, or try and manually post each day or on a regular basis, it can be hard to think of valuable things to post. Let me tell you about a simple thing you can do to always have posts at the ready.

Write things down.

I know, brilliant right?

Pencils_hb I keep a spreadsheet open and when I think of something I feel my audience will profit from, I add the post to my list. If I am away from the office, on my iPhone & iPad, I use the evernote app to write down these pearls of wisdom. In my job I am on the web all day, and things I see spark interest. The synapses get rocking and I come up with a post which will benefit my readers. I add things almost every day and the result is oodles of quality content suitable for social media posts.

Now if you are wondering more about the content of your social media posts, I refer you back to one of my favorite blog posts, The Power of SME (Subject Matter Expert). I always advocate posting things that portray you as a subject matter expert or thought leader.

Update: 7/9/23

Writing down your thoughts for social media posts as they come into your mind holds immense value for future use. In today’s fast-paced world, ideas and inspiration can fleetingly pass through our minds, and if left unrecorded, they may be forgotten or diluted over time. By capturing these fleeting thoughts in writing, we preserve the authenticity and freshness of our ideas, ensuring their potency when we eventually share them with others. Additionally, having a collection of prewritten ideas grants us a valuable resource to draw from, particularly during moments of creative drought or time constraints. It allows us to maintain a consistent and engaging online presence, effortlessly providing us with a bank of content that aligns with our interests and values. Therefore, by documenting our thoughts for social media posts, we empower ourselves with a reservoir of inspiration and ensure the continued quality and impact of our online interactions.

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