Use Siri for BloggingOctober 29th, 2013

siri I was driving back from New York last week after a business meeting. I try to blog every week, but like you it’s hard to find the time some weeks. But as I tell my clients content is king, and consistent posting will improve your search rankings.

And then I thought, why not use Siri to write my blog? (Now I don’t advocate this without a hands-free device, be safe of course).

Siri is not perfect, but it is a great tool for writing. In a few minutes you can write your blog post. When you get home or back to the office, go through your notes and correct the places that Siri didn’t quite understand you.

Driving for the most part is wasted time and most of us have Bluetooth headsets attached to our ears. So instead of being bored, be productive and use Siri to write your next blog.
This blog post was written using Siri

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