Welcome to New Clients!September 21st, 2018

Question: What do Rock Stars, IoT Integrators, Non Profits, Psychological Testing Services, Business Leaders, Exterminators & Professional Gamblers have in common?
Answer: All are new clients this month for RooSites!

Rick Allen

Rick Allen is the drummer for Def Leppard. As one of the world’s best-selling music artists, Def Leppard has sold more than 100 million records worldwide. Rick is known not only for his music but also for his many charitable endeavors and his artwork. We will be managing Rick’s website as well as his charitable foundation website, Raven Drum.


Monarch USA – Los Angeles, CA

IoT (Internet Of Things) Integrators – Monarch Information Systems was established in 1995 and has achieved over 20 years of experience in integrating enterprise networking and telecommunication solutions. We are working on a new website for Monarch USA and providing ongoing management services.


Raven Drum Foundation – Beverly Hills, CA

Non Profit – Mission: To serve, educate and empower veterans and people in crisis. To support, promote, and contribute to global healing, multicultural unification, and community leadership. We will be providing website management services for this wonderful cause.


IAS Integrated Assessment Services – Boston, MA

IAS offers a range of psychological and neuropsychological assessments, answering questions and delivering actionable and powerful findings for the client and referring source. We will be providing website management services for IAS.


Larry Putterman

Larry Putterman is a serial entrepreneur, tech-savvy certified board director, and trusted advisor who loves fixing companies. We are rebuilding key portions of Larry’s website and providing ongoing website management services.


Newcomb’s Environmental – Easton MA

For over 20 years, Newcomb’s Environmental Services has been protecting homes and businesses against animals and pests. They do whatever it takes to help keep you safe and secure from pests. And best of all they use only humane practices. We are building a new website for Newcomb’s Environmental Services and then providing ongoing website management services.


Tell Me I’m Wrong Show

For over 30 years, Stephen Skelly has made a living as a professional gambler. He is now sharing his knowledge by doing a podcast as well as providing members the opportunity to receive his plays each week. We are building a website and providing ongoing website management services.