Ignore Shakespeare, Send Us the LawyersMay 14th, 2013

shakespeare “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers”
(Shakespeare: Henry V1 Act IV, Scene II).

Remember that famous quote?

Well, I am here to ask you to reconsider.

Attorneys make up a pretty good chunk of our business, and we work very well with that profession. We can build them a professional interface which is search friendly and serves all their needs. Our management plans work out extremely well for Law Offices, as they have the need to add new cases, news, investigations, blog posts, and much more. And depending on the type of practice, we can assist them with all their web marketing needs, social media, Google AdWords, etc.

Here are a few of our law clients:

The websites above are sites we designed, developed and manage. However, we also manage websites for Attorneys who already have a website. For example, The Law Office of Bruce Goldman.

So before you heed the words of the bard, send the lawyers to me, I shall take good care of them.