Live your taglineNovember 8th, 2013

Live your tagline In advertising you have taglines, slogans and mission statements. But unless you live those things, they are just words, hollow bullsh*t.

For example my tagline is “World class websites, Best in class support”. I feel that we are building high quality websites and we offer the best support in the industry. So yes, I am living my tagline (as all companies should strive to do).

In terms of support, we are certainly unrivaled in the small business website management world. If possible I close support requests on the same day. And I ALWAYS respond quickly. This kind of service is quite rare, and with most providers it can be as much is two weeks to get a simple thing done. Unacceptable.

But words are just that, here is an example:
I unexpectedly had to go to a funeral in Manhattan on Monday. Now most people would just blow off the day and not even look at email or worry about clients. Now I have priorities just like you and certainly family is first. But here is how I handled the situation: I put on my out of office reply and instructed my clients to open a support ticket which I would answer as soon as possible. Well, sure enough I returned home and found five support tickets waiting for me. Now I certainly could put them off until the next day, but instead I worked ’till midnight and got everything done. My clients would’ve certainly understood if I took a day or two or even more to get their requests done. But for me, as I said it is about living my tagline. You can’t just say you offer industry best support, you have to actually do the job. And this is something you have to prove everyday.

If your current provider does not giving this type of service, then please contact me.

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