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Do not mix your facebook personal/business pagesJune 4th, 2013

Facebook Facebook business pages should be about your business, period. They should be social, feel free interact with customers and clients. That is what it is all about. But keep your personal and political views out of your business page. You wouldn’t turn away business from someone whose political views are diametrically opposed to yours, right? So don’t alienate those people on Facebook. Keep your personal views and family stuff on your personal page.

There is nothing worse than going to someone’s page to learn more about their business and find instead political rantings. Even if you agree with that person’s viewpoint, it probably isn’t going to encourage you to do business. And isn’t that why you are investing time and resources on social media?

A word about Personal Pages
When I am on a friend’s personal page, and they are constantly pushing their business, it is annoying. I have one friend who feels Facebook is a place to brag about his success in his chosen field. “Look at me, I am great”. Business pages are where you can crow about your success. On your personal pages, you are just obnoxious. Facebook is a great place to share what you are doing, talk about your children, etc. But do remember everything you put out there is out there forever. Facebook posts are stopping people from getting jobs, stopping kids from getting into college, and other damage. So before you post that off color joke, think about it. And customers do see your personal page as well. I had 2 referrals this week that came through my personal Facebook page. Luckily, I heed my own advice and try to keep my page appropriate.

Now, people will ask me, if I don’t have a business page, what do I do? Easy, setting up a business page, takes all of 5 minutes. If you aren’t sure how or need assistance with social media, contact us.