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Beware of self proclaimed SEO and Social Media expertsMarch 1st, 2012

It seems like every day I get an email from a new social media or SEO expert guaranteeing to make my company the Angelina Jolie’s leg of the new media world. (hey if you watched the Oscars then you would get that joke :)).

The reason is simple, anyone can call themselves an expert. Here is some advice,  follow a few simple steps.

  1. Check and see if their email comes from an actual domain. Or do the emails come from ?    If so I delete their emails.  If they truly were experts they would show you their own SEO and Social Media success and not hide behind an anonymous email account.
  2. If they do have a website, do the following
    1. Check out their Google rankings for SEO, chances are they aren’t in the top 100 for “SEO” or “Search Engine Optimization”.  Go no further. Delete email
    2. For Social Media check out their twitter and facebook following.  If they call themselves a social media expert and have 75 followers, go no further. If they have a stale twitter or facebook account, go no further.  As the expression goes, “Physician heal thyself”. In other words, if it was easy, they would do for themselves what they are promising you!
  3. Look for black hat SEO tricks.  If they are cheating to get good google rankings, then delete their emails. Temporary success will lead to de-listing in the index. You don’t want any part of that.

Bottom Line:  Craft a good social media strategy, with a reputable company, and give it a chance to work. Combine innovation and automation and you will succeed.  The same goes for SEO, it isn’t easy but you can make continuous improvements and eventually get where you need to be.  Feel free to contact me at any point for assistance. I  have had good success for my clients and can help you as well through one of our management plans, all of which include free social media management.

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