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Website/Social Media: Are you willing to put the effort in?June 10th, 2013

I love what I do. I know I can help companies succeed with Websites, SEO and Social Media. I have a track record of success and have worked hard to maintain a high level since 1996. But to succeed I also need a bit of help from clients.

Clients want to:

  • Have a successful Website
  • Do well in searches (SEO)
  • Have a solid social media presence

I can help with all 3. I won’t make unreal promises, but if you are willing to put some effort in together we can meet and probably exceed your company goals.

My maintenance plans are the best in the industry. I can provide the support you need to prosper. Whether you need an hour, 2 hours, 15 hours, or even unlimited support each month, I can support you.

Now here is the catch. You need to put in minimal effort. I say minimal, but there is some effort needed. Content is king, as it should be. Will you be willing to write each month? Perhaps a bi-weekly blog post? Will you sit down and spend an hour or two writing some tweets/facebook posts? I can schedule them for you, and help create a strategy to grow your presence. If folks ask you a question on facebook, can you respond quickly? It is about relationships. If you ignore people they will go to your competition, guaranteed.

Everest Believe me I know your busy.
That is why I am here. And the time I need is minimal. In truth, the reason I wrote this post is due to a client I support. I built him a kick-ass website a few years back. Getting him to do anything with his site or social media is harder than climbing Everest (at left) blindfolded with your legs tied together. (Pretty hard, right?) But here’s the part that kills me. He is on Facebook 7 days a week playing silly games. And during work hours as well. …I am just too busy Barry, he claims.  You see he forgets we are friends and I can see stuff in my media feed. Hey I am thrilled he is good at words with friends, but I know one thing: That game ain’t making him money. (And if he is so good at words with friends then he should be able to string together a few sentences, for a blog post or 140 character tweat?) I am just saying….

In closing. If you are ready to take your website/social media to the next level, fill out my contact form and let’s chat. I can help you, if you are ready to help yourself.