Testimonials are great (if legit)July 2nd, 2013

Testimonials are a great addition to a website. But only if they are real. One signed with BP, MA. is useless. They appear fake even if they are legitimate. Having a testimonial with a person’s name and company gives far more credibility.

When someone is looking for a company, they want to be reassured that you are trustworthy. So typically after the homepage, they look to your about page to learn more about your company. A testimonials page is another place where people look. Say a non-profit was looking for a web company. I think after going to my testimonials page, they would feel good about RooSites. I have a great testimonial from a Senior Executive at the Samaritans, which lists her name, title and organization. (see below)

Name, Title & Org. Legitimizes Testimonial

Having her name, title and organization legitimizes the testimonial. As I said, It also provides another non profit seeking a web design, development, and management firm confidence in our services.

So consider testimonials for your website, only using those from people willing to put their name, title and company out there for you. Since you are only going to publish positive remarks, these companies are happy with you and most will be willing to help.