Thoughts from a snowy dayFebruary 12th, 2016

THOUGHTS-FROM-A-SNOWY-DAY-900One of the main thing clients want is to improve their position and searches. This is a noble and achievable goal. I am a believer (like any sane person) that the content is king and any search engine worth two dead flies wants to give a searcher the best possible results. To do this they are indexing content. They don’t care how pretty your site is, but content and quality content that that is the most important thing.

When you tell clients that, they understand but a typical responses I just don’t have time to write and add to my site. While I understand that time is precious and running your business doesn’t leave you that much time, I will point to the times when it is quiet and you do have time. The other day for instance was a snowy day here in Boston and I’m working on my computer when ‘Blam‘ the power goes out.

My first reaction is to curse as I was in the middle of writing some code. My next thought is, what can I do to be useful on a crappy winter day. Then I thought, I have my phone, I have my iPad and my computer has a couple hours worth of battery. What I don’t have is Internet. So I turned to my friend Siri and I say “Siri we’re going to get some work done today”.  I immediately start using my phone and write my next blog post, which funny enough happens to be this one.

I try to write once a week, although even I have trouble sticking to that schedule. But when the chips are down and there was nothing to do I utilized my tools at hand and I have my next blog post ready to go.  Before you tell me that you never have downtime, I ask you this are you ever sitting here in your car stuck in traffic? Do you ever sit at your desk waiting for somebody to call? Have you ever lost power as I did the other day? Then you have time to write, use those tools we all have on our phones and iPads and get some work done. With hands free, you can safely create a post in the comfort of your car rather than cursing the traffic patterns. The winner will ultimately be you as your site will have more quality content and Google will reward you with better search rankings.

My point is this, we all have times where there’s not much we can do. With all these new voice tools we have at our disposal, you can really get a lot of writing done in a very short period of time. You then look at it on your computer and clean up the language as even my friend Siri has trouble deciphering some of my words.