Your logo does not have to be hugeDecember 29th, 2013

It is funny. When you build a website for a client one of the first questions is typically:

Can you make my logo much bigger?

My answer is, yes, I can but I wouldn’t.

Why? They ask.

Answer: The visible area of your website is the prime real estate. The content people see without scrolling is your “Park Avenue”. So if your logo is hundreds of pixels tall, you are pushing the content down the page and miles away from Park Avenue.

So, this is where I pull out the big guns pointing to very successful companies with small logos.

Successful websites with small logos

Successful websites with small logos

This usually does the trick. These are actual size logos for some of the most famous companies on the planet. Successful companies have figured out the value of their screen real estate and don’t have their logo using up too much of their Park Avenue.

So, how big should my logo be? Your logo should be big enough to be clearly seen, but not so large that your main content can’t be seen without scrolling. Typically under 100 pixels tall is big enough, but varies from site to site.