Lessons From the 4-0 PatriotsOctober 1st, 2013

As a Patriots fan living and working in the Boston area I can’t help but be impressed with their 4-0 start.

They have their top tight-end (Gronkowski) out due to injury and another in jail. They lost a Hall of Fame wide-out in Wes Welker to Denver. The replacement for Welker, Danny Amedola has been hurt as well.

So who is Brady throwing to? Well a couple of rookies and no name free agents. Top it off they just lost one of their the best defensive player in Wilfork.

So how are they 4-0? Good question.

I think it’s a pretty simple answer: It is the system. Coach Belichick has put a system in place where he can move parts around and bring in unheralded players to fill holes. Then somehow he gets the whole thing to mesh. Not easy, but it has been proven over and over.

So the question is what is this have to do with our business?

Again, good question. Well it is the system. This is the lesson I takeaway from watching the Pats.

You have to put in place a system that is consistent. One that you know works. You have to focus on your strengths as a business owner. For me that strength is our management of websites. We are known for turning around support requests the same day. And that is something we never want to lose. So the system I have in place is pretty simple, we focus on maintaining websites for people and we answer those request immediately. (for other companies, website maintenance is secondary and they don’t want to do the work) WE set aside time each day to get these things done. This of course is hard because we never drop the ball on all of the new work we take in.

No I don’t consider myself to be like Coach Belichick. He is a genius. I am just a hard-working guy with a great system in place.

If the web company that you been associated with doesn’t provide you with this level of service, please Contact us. We are glad to help.