Happy Home WatchApril 7th, 2016

Client: Happy Home Watch, Dunedin Florida
Client Profile:
Happy Home Watch, LLC is in business to enhance the experience of owning a second home. As a homeowner, we know that problems can and will arise; it’s only a matter of time. In an occupied home, we have the advantage of recognizing problems early and addressing them in a timely manner. Those same problems in an unoccupied home may go undetected for weeks or even months, and the result can be financially devastating. With Florida’s hot temperatures and high humidity, it only takes a few days for mold to form after a water leak occurs or an air conditioner breaks down. Consequently, early detection is critical, and that is where Happy Home Watch can help. Happy Home Watch will monitor your home to ensure that things are operating smoothly in your absence.
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Happy Home Watch, Dunedin Florida