Incomplete Websites: A Real TurnoffAugust 19th, 2013

Sometimes it amazes me how incomplete many company websites are these days.   Case in point, I wanted to have my daughter’s car detailed for her this week. Like most people I turned to Google. I found a few places in my area and decided to check out their websites. Well, believe it or not I found some things that just stunned me.

Here are a few examples:

  • One had no address to be found on their website.  Now this is a place where you have to go to have service done.  But, no address. Unreal!
  • 2 sites had specials pages but no specials.
  • 3 had galleries with no photos
  • 2 had testimonial pages sans the testimonials

So, I am sure you’re asking yourself: Why is this? Why so incomplete? Well, I can only guess, but I would say it’s because companies pay somebody to build the website and that’s it. They have no ongoing service and no way of updating the website. This results in the website being the same after two years as it was on day one. Incomplete and pretty crappy user experience. This is why we rarely work on websites we don’t support afterwards. I’d rather say no to a potential client (that doesn’t choose support) then see them go down a path that only can end in failure.

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