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Great Support Does Not Always Inspire LoyaltyAugust 27th, 2014

loyalty Some weeks I sit down to write a blog post and I am not sure what to write about. This week was definitely one of those weeks. I had nothing. And then something happened and made me think, Hey this be a great thing to write about. I am very proud of our service. I truly feel we give the best service in the world. Now I know that seems hard to measure, but  I honestly believe it is true. We turn around 99% of our support requests the same day. We get our tickets closed really fast, many times within an hour. Now I’m not just tooting my horn, because the story is not really about that. In fact it is about losing a client.

This week I had a client tell me they were going with a new company to build and host their website. Well, they owe me nothing, though we have provided world class support at an amazing price. I would have expected to bid for the job (at very least) but it is their prerogative. They are paid in full, which while not as valuable as loyalty, keeps the light on.

I am pretty sure that this company will try and return to the fold, and it won’t take but a few months. This new company won’t get all their edits done the moment they ask and when they wait 2 weeks, they will be frustrated. But what happened is that the company is used to RooSites and world-class support. They have come to think the whole world is going to turn things around the same day. Their rude awakening will come when they find out the norm is weeks, not days (or in our case hours).

That’s why typically I love to get clients who are coming from a bad situation. They are amazed that our turnaround time. They are amazed at our commitment. They become great clients and are tremendously loyal to us.

As I said we do spoil people and sometimes as wacky as it sounds, we pay the price for it. But our growth, is proof that or clients love and refer us. And they refer us often. We will continue to offer world-class support, and if you wish to be spoiled, contact us today.


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