The End Of A Business Relationship Can Be As Important As The BeginningAugust 5th, 2021

BLOG POST The End Of A Business Relationship Can Be As Important As The Beginning

At the start of a relationship, you are trying to get to know the company you are doing business with and at the same time proving your worth. This of course is a very important time in a business relationship as it lays the groundwork and expectations going forward. However, I will tell you that the end of a business relationship can be just as important.





Sometimes it is better NOT to build a new websiteJuly 24th, 2021

Blog Post-Sometimes it is better NOT to build a new website web

I recently had an interaction with a client about possibly building a new website. Their site was several years old, and they were thinking maybe it's time for something new.  While I would profit from this new site, I told them no, let’s leave the old site up and running for a while longer.





SEO: Think Quality, Not RankingsJuly 12th, 2021

Blog Post-SEO- Think Quality Not Rankings web

People often ask me how to improve their SEO (Search Engine Optimization). They are bombarded with phony SEO spam emails and calls from companies promising to make them number one, although these companies don’t even know what the company wants to be ranked for in the first place!





Going The Extra Mile For Your ClientsJune 1st, 2021

Blog Post-Going The Extra Mile For Your Clients web

Sometimes, going the extra mile doesn’t help your business financially, but it does have positive long-term benefits on your business and your bottom line.





The KISS Principal 2021March 18th, 2021

Blog Post: The KISS Principal 2021 Web

The KISS Principal (keep it simple stupid) is a principal which relates to simplifying systems. We are applying it to websites and discussing the 5 Things which need to be a priority for every website built in 2021 & beyond.





The Door’s Open But The Ride It Ain’t FreeFebruary 23rd, 2021

Blog Post The door's open but the ride it ain't free web

This was a line from the Bruce Springsteen song “Thunder Road” many years ago. I thought of it this week in terms of my business and how it relates. The song talks about change and points out that although the door may be open there is a cost, nothing in this world is free and you need to think about it before making a big business decision. 





In an Amazon world charging high shipping prices is a no-noJanuary 18th, 2021

In an Amazon world charging high shipping prices is a no no

As a company that works with small businesses, when we’re building eCommerce solutions one of the sticking points tends to be shipping prices. We discuss some ideas to help.





Helping Others Helps Your BusinessDecember 24th, 2020

Blog Post Helping Others Helps Your Business Web

I recently had a few cases where I had the opportunity to charge for services and projects clients were looking to get done.  In each case I had a choice to make. I’d like to think I did the right thing in all 3, though some would disagree.





Launch Your Website Before Your BusinessNovember 6th, 2020

BLOG POST Launch Your Website Before Your Business web

A question as old as the internet, when should you launch your website?

Many times people come to me AFTER their company has opened for business.  This unfortunately is not the best time to begin thinking about having a website.





How to Succeed in Business? Be Responsive.October 9th, 2020

How to Succeed in Business Be Responsive

I get questions from small businesses all the time because I’ve been in web design and development since the mid 90s. They always want to know what I feel is the key to success for a small business. I always sum it up in one single word… Responsive.