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3 things I’d like to see WordPress implementSeptember 17th, 2013

Those of you who are regular readers of my blog know how big a fan I am of WordPress. That being said, I have a few things I’d like WordPress to implement.

  1. Revisions: The ability to see and revert to previous revisions for posts and pages is spectacular. It allows you to fix errors and go back. This happens quite often, as WordPress is so user friendly, non-technical users can make their own changes and add content. But people make mistakes and you need to be able to fix them. But under Appearance > Editor you can make changes that can do irreparable harm to your site. This forces you to either revert to a full backup (if you have one), and that is not always ideal. So if WordPress could make it so you can see revisions of all files, that would make life easier.
  2. Plugins: Another thing I would love to see is a little bit more testing of plugins. Part of the problem is that some plugins have updates that can really screw up your site. For instance, one of my very favorite plugins has always been the NexGEN gallery. However, lately it has had severe problems and people have been left with broken galleries and/or missing functionality such as lightbox effects. It would be great to be able to roll this back to a previous working version. Perhaps even a reporting system for WordPress so when a bad plugin update is is out there, people can report it and WordPress can temporarily disable the update until the bugs are addressed.
  3. Security:  As WordPress is so popular, people are constantly trying to hack your site. WordPress should take steps to harden the software. First off, forbid the username “admin”. Some of the software installation programs install with the default username of admin.  (I will go into client sites and change this in the database, but non technical users can’t do that). WordPress should just ban the username admin and make secure passwords mandatory. I also think some of the security plugins are excellent. I think WordPress should consider purchasing one of the excellent ones like Wordfence and make it part of the core offering.

I would love to know what you would like to see WordPress implement. Please leave me your opinions below.


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Laura Carrol
10 years ago

I like the post. One thing I have been thinking of is a built in backup mechanism. You would be able to store the full backups at a location of your choice or on your server. I realize I can do this via a plugin, but as I host with GoDaddy, most backup plugins timeout or won’t work properly. Then with GoDaddy, getting a backup other than DR is not possible. A built in backup mechanism would make me sleep better at night with the hackers lurking at every turn.


Steve W
10 years ago

I totally agree on the plugins. Sloppy releases screw up sites and unless you have a backup, your site can come down. Should be mandatory testing and one bad release and plugin should be suspended from downloads until fixed.